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Ghosts and Liars Friday February 16, 2007

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ghosts and liars

Yeah, yeah, yeah, first post.

I was introduced to local Tacoma band Ghosts and Liars last weekend at a Ubiquitous They show (for you non-UPS kids that’s a campus improv group) held at Tacoma Actor’s Guild. Ghosts and Liars was one of the three “openers” for that show. I was a little out of it after getting 4 hours of sleep the previous night and wasn’t really expecting a whole lot out of this local music because, come on, it’s Tacoma. As soon as these guys started playing I immediately changed my opinion of Tacoma bands and snapped out of my lack-of-sleep haze. With sweet pop melodies and both a piano and a cello to round out lead singer Chris Du Bray’s pleasant vocals you really can’t go wrong. Chris and several other members of the band are former members of now-defunct Tacoma band Some By Sea, which sounds similar to Ghosts and Liars, but doesn’t have the little added touches that make Ghosts and Liars worthy of the FIRST EVER POST on this here bee-log. Expect the first LP this Spring on Side Cho records and in the mean time, check out their myspace to hear a couple tracks.

post script: normally I will have direct and down-loadable links to tracks by the bands I’m talking about. Since there is no actual album in this case I would just be ripping a track from myspace, which would sound even crappier than the actual myspace player, so I might as well just send you there.


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