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The Blow Saturday February 17, 2007

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The Blow is Khaela Maricich (that’s right, we have the same name, only she spells it way cooler) & Jona Bechtolt. They are from Portland, OR and have most recently been opening for Of Montreal, which is where I saw them (actually just Khaela because Jona was touring with his other band Y.A.C.H.T.). I have never seen a performer with so much energy. The entire hour-long set was filled with crazy dancing and out-of-breath in-between-songs stories about running to Karaoke bars in the middle of the night. I have also never seen a crowd respond so well to an opener, they were as excited to see her as they were to see Kevin Barnes in a caftan and crazy amounts of eye glitter. Her sound is what I would describe as “electro-pop”; strong beats topped with soft vocals. Her lyrics follow the classic pop sentiments of love and tumultuous relationships, but don’t fall into the realm of tired cliches as so many other pop bands do.


[mp3] The Blow-True Affection


myspace buy Paper Television Khaela’s blog


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