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This is why I want to be Colin Meloy when I grow up Wednesday February 21, 2007

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The Decemberists have done it again: come up with a truly amazing, well thought out, and well performed music video. This one is for O Valencia! off of their most recent album The Crane Wife. It is more of a short movie than a music video (it’s 9 minutes long, the song is only 4 minutes of that) and definitely reflects the fact that they are now on a major label and thus have more money to make ridiculously awesome videos. It goes through an involved story with Colin Meloy and Lisa Molinaro as lovers on the run from something which is revealed throughout the course of the video. Here is just a small sample of what this video involves:

a) Colin Meloy sans trademark glasses and looking disheveled

b) Nate Query in a track suit and loading an AK-47

c) chimney sweeps

d) multiple murder scenes

Talking about it really can’t do it justice, you just have to see it.

Watch Online

[mpeg4] Download

Decemberists official site | Myspace | Buy The Crane Wife | Fresh Air interview with Colin Meloy


One Response to “This is why I want to be Colin Meloy when I grow up”

  1. craftysullen Says:

    Holy mackrel. Chris Funk is a freaking good actor. But I don’t really enjoy seeing Colin Meloy die. That’s normal, right? But, yeah….super duper good.

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