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Winterpills Tuesday February 27, 2007

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The Winterpills are a relatively new group (formed in 2004) out of Massachusetts. I hear so many other bands in their music, from Coldplay-esque guitar solos, to one song (“Eclipse”) that sounds a bit like Radiohead, to New Pornographers style overlapped male and female vocals, this band has a lot going on. Most of the songs on their second album, The Light Divides, open with acoustic guitar and crescendo into a electric guitars, drums, and both male and female vocals. This is another band that drew me in with simple yet beautiful album artwork. The Light Divides officially comes out today and you can stream it on their promoter’s website. Or you can check out these two tracks:


[mp3] Winterpills-Handkerchiefs

[mp3] Winterpills-Broken Arm


Official Website | Myspace | Buy The Light Divides



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