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Psapp Saturday March 17, 2007

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Here is another band that I found in the radio station while frantically looking for things to play. Apparently the entire world already knows about them (at least on a subconscious level) because they did the Grey’s Anatomy theme song. Too bad I like my medical dramas ER style: badly written and far past their prime.


Anyway, Psapp is a duo consisting of Galia Durant and Carim Glasmann which hails from London. Their music could be described as electro-pop, but it goes beyond that tired label with fresh sound effects (toy instruments for example) and jazz influences. They also really really like cats. Their website includes a game where you (as a cat) must save keyboards from killer fish with knives. Also check out their myspace for an audio pronunciation guide of their name (with a British accent!)


[mp3] Psapp-Hi

[mp3] Psapp-The Words



Official Site | Myspace | Buy The Only Thing I Ever Wanted



Side note: Decemberists DVD. It’s pretty amazing, the concert on it is not their best because Colin Meloy was a little sick/losing his voice I think, but the documentary and music videos are awesome. Plus there is approximately 30 seconds of footage from the show where they opened from The Pixies in Bend and from a show at what I’m pretty sure is The Paramount in Seattle.




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