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Chris Garneau Monday March 26, 2007

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Chris Garneau is a new solo artist from Brooklyn, NY. Other than that there is not a whole lot of information on Mr. Internet about him. His first album, Music For Tourists is full of emotional, piano-driven songs. He sounds vaugely like Elliott Smith with some layered vocals (I’m trying so hard not to fall into that cliche of labeling any singer-songwriter as “sounds like Elliott Smith.” I’m looking at you, every music promotor ever) but his arangements are much fuller and more orchestral, including things like cello, violin, and french horn. There is no guitar on this album, and it works because the piano arangements are interesting enough to support his lyrics. He could could also be described as a more interesting Damien Rice, they have similar voices, but Garneau’s music has more variety and is somewhat more upbeat. I’m pretty sure that this first song is going to end up on my “favorite tracks of ’07 list” so I would strongly suggest that you check it out.



[mp3] Chris Garneau-Castle Time

[mp3] Chris Garneau-First Place



Official Site | Myspace | Buy Music For Tourists


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