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Cataldo Wednesday March 28, 2007

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I cannot say enough good things about Cataldo. He is without a doubt the best thing I have discovered in recent memory (and I’ve discovered some good shit in recent memory). Cataldo is basically Eric Anderson, a college student from St. Paul, Minnesota/Moscow, Idaho along with some friends. He regularly tours to Olympia which is how my friend/neighbor Caitlin (of Menomena obsession fame) found him. He is unsigned and is not actively searching for a label, which is pretty awesome. His self-titled 2005 release is one of those rare albums on which you will like every single song. It is full of well-written and performed love songs with guitar and some electronic backing (and hand claps!). Don’t let the lack of a label fool you, this is a well recorded and produced album full of amazing songs. A second album is slated to come out this summer after the minor setback of having his computer with all of the songs he had recorded on it stolen a few months back. Check out these two tracks and head over to his website for 3 more (and an all-around entertaining experience).

[mp3] Cataldo-Wedding Cake
[mp3] Cataldo-Headed Back to Boston

Official Site | Myspace | Buy Cataldo




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