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The Entire Opperation Of Waltz Tuesday April 3, 2007

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Edit: I totally got 2nd place in this contest. This is only the second time in my life that I have won something. The first time was the Oreo Stacking Contest at the Ridgecrest, CA Kmart when I was 10. This is decidedly more glamorous….

There is a mix CD contest sponsored by the campus newspaper going on right now and so today instead of doing my stats project I made a mix CD. I have this playlist on my itunes that is all waltzes; whenever I come across a waltz (or more generally something in 3/4) I stick it in there. So, I figured I would put that playlist to use and make a mix CD of all waltzes. It was kind of surprising how different they all sound despite being in the same time signature. Here is the tracklist:

1. My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist-Tarkio (this is also a Decemberists song. Tarkio is Colin Meloy’s college band from Montana. I put this one on here because I bought the Decemberists versions on itunes and their copy protections prevent you from converting things to mp3)

2. Hills-Thao Nguyen

3. Waltz #2 (Xo)-Elliott Smith

4. Castle-Time-Chris Garneau

5. Clyde In New Orleans-Norfolk & Western

6. Plans Get Complex-All-Time Quarterback (aka Ben Gibbard of Death Cab in 1999. See also: the funniest music video ever made. Ben Gibbard is a very, very bad actor)

7. Lips and Dollars-Cataldo

8. Weird-Menomena

9. Bird On a Wire-Rogue Wave

10. Marvelous Things-Eisley

11. My Mathematical Mind-Spoon

[zip] The Entire Opperation of Waltz Mix

Sorry, not individual direct links this time because that would take obsecene amounts of bandwidth. The cover art is in there too so it can even be pretty in your itunes. Enjoy!


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