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Headlights Thursday April 5, 2007

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I continue to be amazed by my good luck with openers at the shows I go to. I’ve only had 1 really bad opener and a whole slew of really good ones. Headlights are one of the best of the best. They opened for Page France at the Crocodile Cafe last week and I enjoyed them as much and maybe a little bit more than Page France (don’t get me wrong, Page France is still in my top ten favorite bands, but they just didn’t have to stage presence that Headlights did).

Anyway, Headlights are from Champaign Illinois and were all originally members of another band, Absinthe Blind. They have been together since 2004 and have 1 LP and 3 EPs out, the first of which was entirely recorded in a farmhouse they have converted into a studio. Their first LP, Kill Them With Kindness, was released in 2006 (and then followed by an insane 161 tour dates) and is full of sunny, female-fronted pop music that is perfect for this time of year. They have an amazingly dense sound for being a three-piece; there are strings, glockenspiel, and even accordion on several tracks along with the usual drums, guitar, bass, and piano. They also have really pretty cover art, and we all know how much I like pretty cover art. This is music that will make even the dreariest of days seem like the sun is shining and the cherry trees are blooming.

[mp3] Headlights-TV

[mp3] Headlights-Put Us Back Together

Official Site | Myspace | Buy Kill Them With Kindness

I would just like to state for the record that it reached 70 degrees today in Tacoma, and it didn’t rain, not even a little bit. This combined with the Headlights CD coming in the mail kind of made me want to frolic around campus in some sort of ridiculous frilly dress, but I restrained myself and just opened all the windows in my room instead.


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