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Jordan O’ Jordan Thursday April 12, 2007

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Jordan O’ Jordan wins most ridiculous CD purchasing experience for sure. Two months ago I ordered his CD, Not Style Nor Season Nor Hard-Handed Lesson after finding him on one of my myspace time-wasting excursions. Yesterday it finally got here along with personal check for $5 and a hand-written postcard explaining that a rat ate the silk screen they used to print the covers and that’s why it took so long to get here. I must say that the personal check (complete with cell phone number and address) was a first. This CD was totally worth the 2 month wait though.


Jordan O’ Jordan is Jordan Smith and just exactly as much banjo as you can shake a stick at. He is originally from Waverly, OH but now lives in Seattle. His music is simple; most songs with just him and banjo or guitar, although there are a few with female vocals and strings and piano. His lyrics cover everything from failed relationships to fashion and there are a healthy number of waltzes on this CD.  Here are a couple tracks, and there are a few more on his myspace.


[mp3] Jordan O’ Jordan-An Old Foundry Fable

[mp3] Jordan O’ Jordan-By Balloon or Sinking Ship


Myspace | Buy Not Style Nor Season Nor Hard-Handed Lesson


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