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Even More Non-Content Friday April 20, 2007

Filed under: mix — Kayla @ 9:33 pm

Assorted Cupcakes HA8V7488
(there is no logical picture to put here, but it would be awkward without one. Solution: Cupcakezzz)

For serious guys, I am so incredibly burnt out on writing anything that involves complete sentences that I am finding it hard even to write about music. Thanks 2 literature classes at one time, for killing my will to live. BUT! School is technically over in 1.5 weeks at which time I will regain my will to live/write about music. In the meantime here is another mix cd that I made for the KUPS picnic/mix cd exchange.

1. Tilly & the Wall-Bad Education

2. Headlights-Owl Eyes

3. Jordan O’ Jordan-Hard-Handed Lesson

4. Heypenny-Parade

5. Electric President-Good Morning, Hypocrite

6. Sea Wolf-Middle Distance Runner

7. Peter and the Wolf-The Fall

8. Cataldo-Wedding Cake

9. Ben Gibbard-Complicated (Avril Lavigne cover) (yes, you read that right)

10. The Format-1000 Umbrellas (XTC Cover)

11. Skybox-Various Kitchen Utensils

12. Black Bear-I Believe in Immediacy

13. Elliott Smith-Let’s Turn the Record Over (this was supposed to be the last song on a 2-disc From a Basement on a Hill

[zip] Mix CD (of glory and wonder)

The Tain by The Decemberists is on the original too, but I didn’t put it on here because that would be putting a whole album on the internet, and that’s even more unethical than putting single songs on the internet. Also there’s no cover art because I’m lazy, or better yet, let’s call it another fun interactive blogging experience and you can put your own cover art in.


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