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Linkz Tuesday June 5, 2007

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welcome to my childhood….

Colin Meloy and Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) had a conversation in front of a lot of people at Powell’s Books in Portland. How did I not know about this? One of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite authors together at my favorite book store and I missed it…honestly.

Here is a recording of a live acoustic show with part of Of Montreal (lead singer Kevin Barnes and guitarist/backup singer Bryan Poole to be exact). There is something very strange about seeing Kevin Barnes without the eye glitter, it’s like seeing squirrels water ski; it’s just not natural.

You can now stream 2 songs off of Spoon’s upcoming album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga here. They will be adding an additional song each day until the whole album is streamable on June 15th. Case pending on what I think about it. I generally hate new things from bands that I really like the first time I hear them and then go through a period of mild distaste and then a period of obsessive listening which leads to love. It’s complicated between Spoon and I right now.

Is it just me, or is Paul McCartney totally trying to be Sondre Lerche? It’s even more apparent if you look at the posters for his new album that are plastering every Starbucks and then look at the cover of Phantom Punch. Weird.


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