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Really! Exciting! News! Monday July 30, 2007

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Listen up, kids: Eric Anderson (aka Cataldo) is coming to do an in-studio with me on KUPS on Wednesday, August 1st at 5 pm. He will play some stuff (maybe some stuff off of his new record? Maybe a song about vampires? We’ll see if I can talk him into it) and then there may or may not be a bit of guest DJ-ing going on. Then, that very same night he will be playing a show in Seattle at the S.S. Marie Antoinette, which I did not know existed until just recently and which is apparently a boat warehouse (unfortunately, not an actual boat as I originally thought). It will be a fun-filled evening for the whole family. You can listen live on 90.1 FM if you are close to UPS, or on the internet. I’m also going to attempt to record this momentous occasion and put it up here sometime after Wednesday. Here are some mp3’s to get you pumped up:


[mp3] Cataldo-Wedding Cake

[mp3] Cataldo-Headed Back to Boston


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All Smiles

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All Smiles is one of those indie-rock super groups made up of current and former members of other well-known bands. Technically it is the solo project of Jim Fairchild, former guitarist of the now defunct Grandaddy (he also played a tour with Modest Mouse). For his recently released first album, Ten Readings of a Warning he has also enlisted the help of several other musicians, among them Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney, Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and Black Heart Procession, Solon Bixler of Great Northern, and Danny Seim of Menomena. The recording was done in a traveling low-tech recording studio in various homes on an analog reel-to-reel recorder, which is awesome because no one uses those anymore. Fun fact: when we moved from my childhood home when I was 13 we found a reel-to-reel recorder in our garage that we didn’t know we still owned. I have no idea where it is now…probably in our new garage.


Aaanyway, All Smiles sound is laid back with acoustic guitars and some piano. It’s your basic indie-pop awesomeness. I’ve recently realized how bad I am at describing music in a coherent and interesting way, so do both me and you a favor and click on the song links down there and listen for yourself.


[mp3] All Smiles-Moth in a Cloud of Smoke

[mp3] All Smiles-Pile of Burning Leaves


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Final Bumbershoot Lineup Announced Saturday July 7, 2007

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ETA: Jesus Christ.  I’m in college, you would think that I would know how to spell lineup/proof read things before I put them on the internet for the whole world to see my stupidity.


Oh boy, kids, this year could be interesting. Other bands announced today include: Aqueduct, Menomena, The Apples in Stereo, Floater (YES! I’m totally there! I’m from Bend so obviously I love Floater, along with Dave Matthews Band and Jack Johnson, and smoking weed while floating the river), Viva Voce, Stars of Track & Field, Tiny Vipers, Smoosh, Central Services (a pretty good Seattle band), and Stella! All of this looks fabulous until you look at the actual schedule and realize that pretty much everything you want to see is crammed into Saturday, and Monday really only has Miranda July and Ted Leo, which are at the SAME FREAKING TIME. Ugh. Sorry Ted Leo, I love you and all, but seeing as how I kind of want to be Miranda July when I grow up, she wins this one. I guess if my biggest problem is having to decide between two of my favorite performers/speakers I’m doing pretty good though.


Full Lineup and Schedule Here.


Tickets Here.

The $25/day single day passes end July 12th (but I predict they will sell out before that)


If any UPS people are looking for a ride I’m going all 3 days and I have anywhere from 1-4 empty seats in my car. If you want a ride send me an email at: commoditiesoftheabstractsort {AT} gmail {DOT} com


I’m a horrible blog mother Tuesday July 3, 2007

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Sorry guys!  I realize it’s been a month since I updated and that this is turning into one of those blogs that is always just the owner going “yeah, I don’t have time to update” instead of a blog with actual content.  Here’s the deal: I’m working 65 hours this week and have worked over 50 hours a week and moved in the past 3 weeks, that’s why updating has been spotty.  I’ll probably continue working an unhealthy amount until school starts again because I like to eat and pay my rent, so updating will continue to be spotty.  I do have a post that just needs finishing up in my drafts folder though so that will be up by the end of the week (I hope).  Also, I put 3 more months worth of concerts up on the calendar (get to that by clicking the links tab).  Speaking of the links tab, there are some other new ones in there too.  Thanks for sticking with me despite my annoying flakiness