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Final Bumbershoot Lineup Announced Saturday July 7, 2007

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ETA: Jesus Christ.  I’m in college, you would think that I would know how to spell lineup/proof read things before I put them on the internet for the whole world to see my stupidity.


Oh boy, kids, this year could be interesting. Other bands announced today include: Aqueduct, Menomena, The Apples in Stereo, Floater (YES! I’m totally there! I’m from Bend so obviously I love Floater, along with Dave Matthews Band and Jack Johnson, and smoking weed while floating the river), Viva Voce, Stars of Track & Field, Tiny Vipers, Smoosh, Central Services (a pretty good Seattle band), and Stella! All of this looks fabulous until you look at the actual schedule and realize that pretty much everything you want to see is crammed into Saturday, and Monday really only has Miranda July and Ted Leo, which are at the SAME FREAKING TIME. Ugh. Sorry Ted Leo, I love you and all, but seeing as how I kind of want to be Miranda July when I grow up, she wins this one. I guess if my biggest problem is having to decide between two of my favorite performers/speakers I’m doing pretty good though.


Full Lineup and Schedule Here.


Tickets Here.

The $25/day single day passes end July 12th (but I predict they will sell out before that)


If any UPS people are looking for a ride I’m going all 3 days and I have anywhere from 1-4 empty seats in my car. If you want a ride send me an email at: commoditiesoftheabstractsort {AT} gmail {DOT} com


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