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All Smiles Monday July 30, 2007

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All Smiles is one of those indie-rock super groups made up of current and former members of other well-known bands. Technically it is the solo project of Jim Fairchild, former guitarist of the now defunct Grandaddy (he also played a tour with Modest Mouse). For his recently released first album, Ten Readings of a Warning he has also enlisted the help of several other musicians, among them Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney, Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and Black Heart Procession, Solon Bixler of Great Northern, and Danny Seim of Menomena. The recording was done in a traveling low-tech recording studio in various homes on an analog reel-to-reel recorder, which is awesome because no one uses those anymore. Fun fact: when we moved from my childhood home when I was 13 we found a reel-to-reel recorder in our garage that we didn’t know we still owned. I have no idea where it is now…probably in our new garage.


Aaanyway, All Smiles sound is laid back with acoustic guitars and some piano. It’s your basic indie-pop awesomeness. I’ve recently realized how bad I am at describing music in a coherent and interesting way, so do both me and you a favor and click on the song links down there and listen for yourself.


[mp3] All Smiles-Moth in a Cloud of Smoke

[mp3] All Smiles-Pile of Burning Leaves


Myspace | Buy Ten Readings of a Warning


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