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Hello onslaught of people searching for Peter Bjorn and John! Wednesday September 12, 2007

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So, over the past week my visitor count has increased DRAMATICALLY (my “most visits in a day ever” doubled on Monday) and it appears that the vast majority of people are finding me by searching for Peter Bjorn and John. That’s cool, but someone please enlighten me: what search engine are you using?  Because I’m pretty sure you’re not going through the more than 30 pages of Google results to get here (I gave up looking at 32 and it’s my own blog).  I’m just curious.


In other news, Leaves in the River by Sea Wolf is really fucking good, so go buy it when it officially comes out on Sept. 25th. 


Also, since I’m now working at the radio station as Assistant Alt. Director I’m pretty much living there at the moment, and for the next 3 weeks while we get the new DJs hired/trained and catch up on the close to 100 CDs that need to be listened to (that’s as of yesterday, I’m sure the mail fairy has brought us 20 or so more by now).  You all know what that means: I’m dead to you, along with my friends, family, homework, and very very dirty apartment. 


One Response to “Hello onslaught of people searching for Peter Bjorn and John!”

  1. angela Says:

    hey, i dunno if anyone ever answered your question… they’re probably using which is what I’m using (: i love elboooo haha. anddd your blog IS less pretentious than other music blogs! woo hoo

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