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Celebratory First Birthday Mix Saturday February 16, 2008

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I realized yesterday that today is the 1st brithday of this here blog, which is insane, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for an entire year. In celebration I made a little mix for you all. In order to make this mix I searched the words “one” and “birthday” in my itunes. Yeah, I know…I never claimed to be good at theme mixes. Special thanks to my BFF Jill for allowing her face to be used as cover art and extra-special thanks to all of you for reading this and sticking with me for the past 365 days.

The next year will hopefully be even more awesome here at CotAS, of course there will be more great music, and I’m going to work on getting more band interview-type content going. But most exciting and most set in stone is that I have finally finagled someone who knows how to bend the internet to his will into helping me redesign CotAS and get it off of and onto a more practical server. That means no more looking at this incredibly ill-conceived layout and easier music hosting. Awesome. Thanks Kevin, you’re pretty much my hero.

Anyway, enough award-speech rhetoric. Without further ado, the Commodities of the Abstract Sort Celebratory Birthday Mix:

1. The Beatles-Birthday

2. The New Pornographers-The New Face of Zero and One

3. Casper and the Cookies-Yer Birthday

4. Oh No! Oh My!-Oh Be One

5. Page France-Young One

6. Cataldo-One Year of Solitude

7. Gonzalez-One Note at a Time

8. Le Loup-Canto I

9. Andrew Bird-The Happy Birthday Song

[Zip] The Commodities of the Abstract Sort Celebratory Birthday Mix


Free Mobius Band EP Thursday February 14, 2008

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Mobius band has made a valentine’s day love songs cover EP which they are giving away as a free download here. It was recorded at a band member’s house in Massachusettes and features songs originally performed by The National, Bob Dylan, and Daft Punk among others. I’m not a huge fan of covers, but Mobius Band is pretty great and so is free stuff, so you can’t really go wrong.


Album Review: Headlights Some Racing, Some Stopping Wednesday February 13, 2008

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I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this album sitting on the shelf last week at the station after a thoroughly frustrating day full of broken computers and broken dreams of seeing Barrack Obama. I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently for this album since I got Headlights’ first album Kill Them With Kindness last spring and proceeded to listen to nothing else for weeks on end.

This one is different however, it’s not as unabashedly happy, it evokes fewer images of puppies running through fields of daises while being chased by blonde children. Or, in more eloquent record-label language it “purposefully lack[s] much of the spacey atmospherics that define the band’s earlier work.” Right. I think what they mean is this is more of a solid pop album with standard pop instrumentation: drums, guitar, bass, people singing. Unlike KTWK there are no string quartets, very little piano and accordion, and more boy vocals. While I like this album and think it’s better than some of the other stuff I’ve listened to recently, it doesn’t have the intrigue or (I suspect) staying power of KTWK. Anyone can make a standard pop album with drums, guitar, bass, and people singing and that’s not terribly exciting. What made Headlights exciting to me in the first place is that they were taking the standard pop album and making it exponentially more interesting by using weird instruments and, to use the world’s corniest phrase, “making it their own.” Some Racing, Some Stopping has its moments though, “Cherry Tulips” is most reminiscent of KTWK with dual vocals and organ, the title track is a beautiful and sparse arrangement with only Rhodes piano, a click-track, tambourine, and Erin Fein’s faraway-sounding vocals. The final song is my favorite, it’s a waltz and brings in the accordion and glockenspiel more prevalent in KTWK. It is also the perfect concluding song, the slow tempo and soft ending let you down nice and easy. Even though this is not the best album of all time Headlights are still one of the best live bands of all time and I strongly suggest seeing them on their upcoming tour.

[mp3] Headlights-Cherry Tulips


Myspace | Official Site | Buy Some Racing, Some Stopping


New Cataldo Songs! Tuesday February 12, 2008

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Cataldo has posted 4 songs from his new album up on his myspace. I had heard all of these songs live and thought they were fabulous, but I was not prepared for how truly amazing the recorded versions are. There is piano! And cello! And trumpet! And back-up singers! And they were mixed by Tucker Martine, who has worked with The Decemberists, Laura Veirs, and Sufjan Stevens! Awesome! Now that I’ve used up my lifetime allotment of exclamation points I will be going.