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About Saturday February 17, 2007


Name: Kayla Ariana Morrison

Born: April 1988

Now lives: in Tacoma, WA (it’s the City of Destiny!!!)

Is registered to vote: in Bend, OR (it’s the City of Soccer Moms and Hummers!!!)

Goes to school: at the University of Puget Sound (UPS)

Does not: wear brown shorts or think it’s funny when people ask that

Has a radio show: Wednesday and Friday 1-2 pm on KUPS 90.1 FM in Tacoma or on the internet

Went to preschool: on a farm

Is physically incapable of: Snapping her fingers and standing on one leg for more than 10 seconds without falling over (not necessarily at the same time)

Is really good at: putting furniture together

Is really bad at: Ironing

Did not like: the picture of her that used to be on here, so she changed it to a picture that she took instead

Stole the title of this bee-log from: “Banking on a Myth” by Andrew Bird

Would like to thank: all the people who put up with her unsolicited mix cds (complete with mostly irrelevant commentary!) and constant emails imploring them to “check out this awesome band I just found”. She is sorry and realizes that this was probably exceedingly annoying.

Is not really sure: why she wrote this in this awkward third-person, colons-in-the-middle-of-sentences format.

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    2 Responses to “About”

    1. Christie Says:

      This is so exciting! As a happy and proud recipient of Kayla’s mixes cum commentary (never irrelevant), I can honestly say she is the most savvy person I know in regard to music. And I know some savvy music people. Blog on, Kayla!

    2. craftysullen Says:


      Also….nice picture.

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