Commodities of the Abstract Sort

a hopefully-less-pretentious-than-other-pretentious-music-blogs music blog

Contact Saturday February 17, 2007


Which can be used to send me: fan mail, band suggestions, love letters, pictures of exceptionally cute babies, questions about the meaning of life, and interesting facts about sea creatures.

Physical mail:

Kayla Morrison

3557 Wheelock Student Ctr.

Tacoma WA 98416

Which can be used to send me: Demos, CDs, precious gems, cupcakes, actual letters, moon rocks, postcards from the far corners of the earth, your little brother, and souvenirs from tourist traps across the country.

AIM: jajamminonthe1

Which can be used: to talk to me in REAL TIME. Also, to send me music in a timely manner. I’m never on though, so if you have a burning desire to talk to me in REAL TIME send me an email and then I will sign on at a specified time and talk to you in REAL TIME. The future is now, folks.

Screen name comes from: An episode of The Cosby Show guest starring Stevie Wonder.  There used to be a helpful link to a youtube video, but alas, TV executives have discovered that suing youtube is a lucrative way to make college students very angry.


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