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Links Saturday February 17, 2007

Miscellaneous Music-Related things

Sweet sweet google calendar of upcoming album releases and concerts in the Seattle/Tacoma area

Incredibly thorough list of albums coming out in 2007

All Music-The source of all knowledge

Pitchfork News- needs no explanation. Don’t think this means I condone their reviews however, because I don’t…at all.

Daytrotter- Beautifully designed music site featuring live studio performances recorded at the Daytrotter studios in Illinois

Hype Machine-A music blog aggregator. If you can’t find it on Hype Machine, it doesn’t exist. blog aggregator

Here are some other good music blogs

I Guess I’m Floating-lots of good exclusive/hard-to-find content, and good mixes for obscure holidays

You Aint No Picasso-I have found a large number of my favorite bands on this blog

Sound on the Sound-Really good coverage of Seattle bands/shows

Not on the Guest List-Someone who is obviously “in the business” as they say. Lots of good exclusive stuff again, along with pictures. Portland-centric.

I know these people in real life

The Bygone Bureau-possibly the funniest/most oddly informative site on the entire internet

Deep Sea Life-Kevin spends more time on the internet than is reasonable or healthy so that you don’t have to

It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career-Do you have an undying love for Morrissey and Battlestar Galactica? So does Caitlin.

If you aren’t sick of me yet, here are more bits of the internet which are devoted to me



And one more for good measure

This American Life-simultaneously the best show on radio and TV.


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